Windows 7: How To Pin Windows Update Utility to the Taskbar


Windows 7 by default makes you either pin programs to the taskbar or hunt for them via Start. Our Brian Burgess says that is too annoying. Here’s how to pin Windows Update to the taskbar, a workaround Microsoft’s new UX policy.

Pelican Rapids, MN: The Windows taskbar makes it easy to pin programs to it for easy access. But if you choose not to,  Windows 7 makes the process of starting programs is a real, multi-step hassle. So annoying.

What’s worse is, Windows Update is a program you definitely want on the taskbar, even if you have automated updates enabled.

Microsoft doesn’t make it easy — by default you can’t pin Windows Update to the taskbar — but I found a workaround. Here’s how to pin this all important utility, Windows Update, to the taskbar.

First right click the Windows Update shortcut on the Desktop. Select Properties from the Context menu.


In the Target field type:

cmd /c wuapp.exe

then change the Run menu to Minimized. Click OK.


Now just drag the icon to the taskbar and voila, what do you know. It’s pinned.


Now you have easier access to Windows Updates. I sometimes check mine three times a day — I always want to make sure I’m not missing any updates for all the progams I have, especially programs like Microsoft Security Essentials that update as much as three times daily.


Much easier!