Will Twitter’s Mascot Ashton Kutcher End His Celebrity Tweeting (Forbes)

Written by Gina Smith

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Will actor and Twitter phenom Ashton Kutcher really turn his back on Twitter. My money’s not on it.

I just heard on Twitter — not at all ironically — that Ashton Kutcher, long its poster boy for having so many followers, is handing off his Twitter account to his handlers. It all comes in wake of a scandal on Twitter, which Samantha Ettus at Forbes describes in detail.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

This piece by Samantha Ettus from Forbes just went up. It explains — on the off chance you’re not an avid Kutscher watcher —  the Twitter scandal e actor leaves in his wake. Source: Forbes

Ashton Kutcher: Will Twitter’s Mascot End Celebrity


In the wake of his tasteless tweet defending Joe Paterno as the Penn State sex abuse scandal was unfolding, Kutcher has offered a defensive apology and simultaneously announced that he is handing over his twitter feed to his production company, Katalyst Media.

What does it mean for Twitter when the celebrity with the distinction  of being the first user to reach one million followers, now up to 8.2 million, announces he will use a first line of defense to monitor his feed?

Kutcher is the reason that most celebrities from Shaquille O’Neal to Jessica Simpson do their own tweeting. The same celeb … story at Forbes here.