Wikibot and Wiki Offline: iOS Apps of the Day

Avocado Hills’ Wiki Offline is one of two Wikipedia reader apps our Phil Baker recommends for Apple iPad and iPhone owners.

Wikipedia reader apps make Wikipedia content accessible on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. Wikibot and Wiki Offline are the best of the best.

Wiki Offline –$9.99 from Avocado Hills — downloads the entirety of Wikipedia content right to your device. It takes about an hour and a half over WiFi to get 3GB down. But you get the entire online encyclopedia at your fingertips — even when you’re not connected.

All that knowledge is right in your hand — instantly accessible. That’s pretty amazing when you thnk about it.

Avocado Hills has another app — Wikibot — that is a lot cheaper. At $2.99, it does much the same, but it accesses the data over an Internet connection.

Each app provides an extensive set of capabilities to read, search, store, organize, forward, print and save for reading later. Both have a wide range of display options including choices of font, color, and format.

A developer at Avocado Hills told me that he was inspired to create these apps from his travels in Europe. Instead of buying a $10 travel guide for each city, he realized Wikipedia had the information he needed — and he could use it to create his own guide.