Freeware Friday: Wi-Fi Analytics for Android

This week’s pick for Freeware Friday from our managing editor Jeremy Lesniak is Wi-Fi Analytics. He says it’s the best choice for turning your Android device into a functional wi-fi scanner.

Typically people who track information for wireless networks don’t need the sensitivity or features you get in expensive test equipment.

For those of us in the trenches, determining the signal strength and the channel of the local wireless network is adequate. And there’s a freeware app for that. It’s Wi-Fi Analytic by Amped Wireless. In my view, it’s the best of the bunch — my selection for Freeware Friday.  Here’s why.

Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Analytics Screenshot

To be fair to competing programs — and they exist for sure — Wi-Fi Analytics includes all the typical capabilities most utilities like this offer.

What sets it apart is the way the developer refines these features.  For example, when you put Wi-Fi Analytics into audio mode, it’s loud.  In an environment with a lot of background noise, that’s a great feature. The graphs and charts are all easy to read and intuitive.

Did I mention that it’s free? Wi-Fi Analytics Freeware for Android is my choice for Freeware Friday, March 29, 2012. Have a great weekend!

Have you tried Wi-Fi Analytics? Do you know of other apps you feel do a better job? Feel free to leave messages in the comments or email me at . I will take a look at anything that you believe is better or worth my attention. Have a great weekend!

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