Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest? Make Your Biz a Social Media Machine (infographic)

by Wix.

Why should your business waste time Liking, Tweeting and Google +1-ing? Because it’s cheaper, says this infographic, and your reach is far-reaching, global even. Don’t believe it? Check out this great infographic and tell me you remained unconvinced. It works for us at aNewDomain.net. And if it annoyed you, you probably muted me anyway : )

Most analysts will advise businesses, big ones, to go social to protect their brands and better reach customers. But is it necessary for every business? Even new ones? Or is it just a big time waster.

It depends. Social was key from the start at aNewDomain.net — our core audience is on Google+ — and, to a lesser extent — Twitter and Facebook. But we’re media. We need to get word out what’s going on in tech, deep tech. Or we need a quick way to broadcast what we find at conferences and so on.

Where are you with this? Does this make sense to you? A good argument.

by Wix.


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  • Sure I’ve tweeted +18k times, and follow roughly 150 people, but I struggled initially to see how important social media was for brands and companies. I’ve learned recently that people definitely looking on the web. If you put it out there in social media, they WILL look. It amazes me how often I look at my mindless blog stats and see search engine results of people stumbling upon my posts and more amazed at twitter referrals. When I say my blog is mindless, it really is, but yet people STILL want to read it. If a guy like myself with no items to promote can get this kind of attention, big businesses could EASILY get the same attention.

    just my two pennies. . . .

    -RAP, II