Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? We’re Still in Montana by Kristina Kline (photo contest)

Ant Pruitt picks this week’s Where Are You Now smartphone photo from a lucky aNewDomain reader

Here on aNewDomain we give our readers the opportunity to become a published photographer for a day. It’s the weekly “Where Are You Now” smartphone photography contest. Today’s submission is from Kristina Kilne on Google+. Kline used her Droid Incredible and the mobile Photoshop app to show off the beautiful scenery near Gallatin Canyon of Bozeman, Montana.

Image credit Kristina Kline

I have received some amazing photos from our aNewDomain community. Keep them coming! Thank you for your photo, Kristina.

Do you have a smartphone camera? Take some cool photos and share them with us here at aNewDomain. Send them to me via Be sure to include the smartphone used as well as any camera apps used and the location. This is your chance to be a published photographer on the web…for a day at least!

I’m Ant Pruitt and this is aNewDomain.

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