Macworld | iWorld 2012: iOS 5 Showcase App Tour

Check out some of the new apps we saw at the Mobile Apps Showcase at Macworld | iWorld 2012. Our senior editor Josh Windisch leads the tour.

SAN FRANCISCO, Here at Macworld | iWorld 2012, the Mobile Apps Showcase sprawled with new apps and apps to come. Check these out.

Here’s Likes from WillowTree Apps: Released just three days before Macworld | iWorld 2011, it scans your friends from Facebook to give recommendations of where to go, what to eat and other activities of interest. Still bored? Likes lets you check your extended network. It’s available free for the Apple iPhone, on Android and as an app within Facebook.

Here’s a new video editing app for the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad and Android — Cinefy. It aims to make the editing process easier and straightforward, and has some killer special effects. Its FriendlyMusic feature lets you access 500,000 songs — all copyright cleared — for use with your videos. Launching in two months, price is not yet set: we expect it to ship for $3 or less.

G-Men Productions showed BluesMasters, an app to help guitar students get better at playing the blues. You learn licks from 16 blues legends. There’s animation to get you through sheet music instruction, as well as videos.  Bluesmasters is available now for the iPad free — or $9.99 for the complete set of related apps. G-men says they will soon release a Johnny Winter-themed app, and already ships an app for learning Bach Guitar.

BluesMasters guitar education software

Gaming and education software maker Smappsoft showed its new game, Pokertini. It’s a new spin on video poker. It lets you play three hands simultaneously, and even move your bets from one hand to another to optimize your hands. There’s also a twist menu to optimize the hands you’re holding. Expect it later spring for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

IMSI Design, the makers of TurboView, previewed its Angry Birds inspired game, AngryCAD. It lets you import your existing CAD files of structures or buildings and then, for points, knock them down. Due later this year, AngryCAD will be available free for the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad, and for Android.