Facebook’s New IP Portfolio: 750 Plus Patents from IBM, Exactly What Facebook Scored

Here’s a bundle of patents Facebook received from IBM. They’re in the database now. Hardware patents — telecom patents, for the most part. All the patents as recorded available in this story …

IBM to FB – 009

IBM, Microsoft, AOL and Facebook have all been mum on exactly what patents they have sold to Facebook. So we’ve been watching the databases, waiting for Facebook to record what patents it received from IBM. Note that with few exceptions these are communications, mobile communications, antenna, shipping and other hardware-centric patents.

Don’t forget these are just-in-time patents, right. Facebook got them just in time — before Yahoo filed patent suit in early March.

Facebook recorded the IBM patents it bought — they’re viewable online on the patent system. Facebook’s gone from having just around 50 US patents to owning, thanks to IBM, Microsoft and Verizon, a decent 1,000 patent sized shield against patent suits like the one it is facing now from Yahoo. Here are the patents Facebook bought from Verizon.
Verizon to Facebook

Let’s move on to the IBM patents Facebook records receiving. Here’s one doc that lists them — there are 51 here. Notice a common theme.

IBM sold to Facebook 1

Here’s another bundle of IBM patents. Again, click to view, same theme. Are a Facebook thin client, notebook or digital TV device far away? We think not!

Yet more IBM to FB

More IBM incoming to Facebook patents. Think circuitry, memory routines, mobile, communications tech.
IBM to Facebook Patents 2012

Still more hardware, software and circuit level IBM patents incoming to Facebook.
IBM to Facebook Patents 2012

More IBM patents for Facebook. These should be fun. Circuit boards galore.

IBM to FB – 007

Bundle Eight of the IBM patents that transferred to Facebook April 2012
IBM to Facebook – 008 — bundle eight patents anewdomain.net gina smith

Bundle Nine IBM patents incoming to Facebook 2012
IBM to Facebook – 008 — bundle eight patents anewdomain.net gina smith

Bundle Ten IBM to Facebook 2012

IBM to FB – 009

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  • This is crazy! You posted the whole portfolio Facebook now owns right here — i read it, it’s hardware heavy — portending mobile devices probably thin client and thin client TVs from Facebook.

    Given these patents – thanks for posting to anewdomain, Tom — I’d say a Facebook TV is totally in the cards — just looking through these.