We Are One: Meet aNewDomain.net, Team Roster

Written by Gina Smith

anewdomain.net launched one year ago today — 11.11.11 — here’s our team roster. Happy Birthday, team. It’s aNewDomain.net with me, John C. Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle and 70 of the most amazing IT pros, engineers and tech pros in the world.

Exactly a year ago, on 11.11.11 at 11.11 Guam Time — okay, we took it a bit far timing-wise–  Brian Burgess, Eric Mack, Jonathan Hoffberg, Jeremy Lesniak, Mat Lee, Steve Krause, Chris Miller and I were live online and posted the beta version of the site you’re looking at now.

It’s aNewDomain.net, with me, John C. Dvorak and Dr. Jerry Pournelle along for the ride.

Who are we?

Long story short, excepting Dvorak, the first set of us were all vets of the incredible launch team of 70 plus journalists and tech pros I gathered via my former radio cohost Leo Laporte’s network podcast, This Week in Tech.

TeamBYTE’s staff launched BYTE’s editorial for parent company UBM in July of 2011, but by late September, I was gone. BYTE’s focus on the consumerization of IT was interesting to some, but it wasn’t what I envisioned. Several of us on the teamBYTE edit launch team put our heads together. In the meantime, teamBYTE’s Steve Krause, who heads the most excellent GroovyPost, gave us all shelter so we could stay together and deliberate.

We wanted to relaunch something in the spirit of the former BYTE of yore — something  authoritative, deep tech and geeky — but still bright, readable and beautiful.

With BYTE behind us, a year later, we truly have now aNewDomain on our hands.

Though not without bumps and two redesigns later, the last 365 days haven’t been bump free. But the view so far is stellar.

We’ve got dozens of writers, editors, cartoonists, podcasters, engineers, techpros, photographers and videographers creating the best tech mix you’ll find anywhere online. You’ll find links in to us from some 600 publications, including the top tech sites we read every day, including but not limited to CNET, which Dvorak and I helped launch in the early 1990s. Also linking in to us these days are All Things D, The New York Times, Tech Republic, Read Write Web, ComputerWorld, The Guardian UK, Wired and countless other sites all around the globe. Success feels great.

Our team is what makes us different. The cohesive group of tech pros and journalists we’ve got working together is what makes us great.

Click here for a Pinterest look at our group, courtesy our Julie Blaustein.

We’re trying — and succeeding — to bring tech journalism back to the level where it once was. We’re aiming for trustworthy, authoritative, ethical, geeky, breezy, and deep coverage about the tech products, science issues and other topics we love.

So let us know how we’re doing.

If you’re interested in joining our team, email me. We’re always looking for great talent. The best talent. Great is the enemy of the best, right? For aNewDomain.net, I’m Gina@aNewDomain.net

Alan Wallace, Seattle-based security specialist, senior contributor.

Ant Pruitt , Charlotte, NC-based editor, columnist, podcaster for YATs, AOTA

Brian Burgess , Minnesota-based How To expert, EIC GroovyPost, former exec ed teamBYTE

Carey Head, Charlotte, N.C.-based senior editor, IT Pro columnist

Christopher Poirier, Washington DC-based IT Pro, Site Architect, Editor, Commentator

Chris Miller, St. Louis-based podcaster, commentator, editor, former editor teamBYTE

Craig Johnston, New Jersey based podcaster, former editor teamBYTE, podcaster aNewDomain.net

Cyndy Sandor, Silicon Valley based associate publisher (email Cyndy at Cyndy@anewdomain.net for marketing and sales info)

Dan Patterson New York based podcaster, ABC radio news vet, founder of our partner KoPoint and the human spark that triggeredd our last redesign, the design you’re viewing now

David McCabe, Indianapolis based podcaster, vidcaster, former editor teamBYTE

David Blumenstein, London and New York-based editor, writer.

Dino Londis, based in New York, senior commentator, IT Pro alum National Lampoon and teamBYTE

Don Rose, Los Angeles based writer, editor, commentator, tech pro, former editor teamBYTE

David Street Houston-based cofounder, CTO, COO, former editor teamBYTE.

Duane Craig Blanket, TX-based IT pro, security expert, former contributor teamBYTE.

Eric Finkenbiner, Rangoon, Burma-based IT pro, podcaster, How To gallery writer, former contributor teamBYTE

Eric Mack, Taos, NM based news editor, vidcaster, former exec ed for news at teamBYTE

Erik Vlietinck, Antwerp, Belgium and London-based European tech correspondent and editor, reviewer, deep tech columnist.

Esther Schindler, Scottsdale, Arizona based editor, columnist.

Fred Lewis, San Francisco-based feature film and commercial CG animator, columnist, reviewer.

Dr. Gordon Freeman, San Francisco Bay Area based retired rabbi and Android enthusiast, advice columnist, vidcaster.

Gina Smith, San Francisco-based editorial director, NYT best-selling author of iWOZ (Wozniak biography), former EIC teamBYTE

Isaac Kendall, Vancouver-based IT pro, wireless specialist, senior contributor, columnist.

Julie Blaustein, San Francisco-based senior photojournalist, former senior photo editor, teamBYTE.

John C. Dvorak,  San Francisco Bay Area-based veteran tech columnist via PC Magazine, Forbes and Twit.TV. co-founder, anewdomain.net

Dr. Jerry Pournelle, San Diego-based senior-technologist for anewdomain.net, best and most decorated tech writer of all time. Science fiction novelist extraordinaire. Former chief technologist teamBYTE.

Jonathan Hoffberg, San Francisco based designer, senior contributor, serial entrepreneur and team guitarist : )

Jeremy Lesniak, managing editor at aNewDomain.net, columnist, IT pro, former editor teamBYTE

Joey Kelley, Maine-based podcaster, tech pro and a former contributor and editor teamBYTE

Joy Ma, executive editor anewdomain.net.

Josh Windisch, San Francisco-based podcaster, former editor teamBYTE

Loren Feldman, New York based satirist, podcaster, documentary film producer.

Larry Press, Los Angeles based IT pro and college professor, commentator and editor, former editor teamBYTE

Mac McCarthy, San Francisco-based publisher, anewdomain.net.

Madison Andrews, Austin-based senior copy chief.

Marc Canter, Cleveland-based Macromedia cofounder, vidcaster, former columnist teamBYTE.

Mat Lee, Kalispell-Montana based creator of Attack of the Androids (AOTA) and Yet Another Tech Show (YATs) podcasts, former senior editor, teamBYTE

Michael Doornbos, science and space contributor, podcasts, former teamBYTE.

Mike Olsen, Ann Arbor based senior contributor.

Mike Rothman, San Francisco Bay Area based writer, editor, commentator, former editor teamBYTE

Paul Bonner, Austin based tech pro, award-winning techjournalist

Phil Baker, San Diego based award-winning industrial designer, columnist, editor anewdomain.

Peter Baer Galvin, Boston-based Boston University lecturer, techpro, senior contributor, former contributor teamBYTE

Rebekah Austin, San Francisco-based podcaster, columnist.

Richard Hay, Google engineer, anewdomain.net’s science and space correspondent.

Rob Maxwell, Maryland-based IT specialist, senior contributor anewdomain, former columnist teamBYTE

Russ Johnson, San Francisco based Connected Travel and anewdomain travel editor.

Sandy Berger, Pinehurst, NC based features editor for anewdomain.net.

Seth Heringer, senior editor, newswriter,  former news writer teamBYTE

Shane P. Brady, Based in New York, senior contributor and deep tech reviewer.

Sid Shadow — gossip columnist, no one knows for sure who or where he is.

Steve Krause, Seattle-based publisher of GroovyPost.com, which hosted dozens of us between BYTE and here, Steve Krause was a senior editor at teamBYTE.

Trey Ratcliff, New Zealand-based photographer, creator of stuckincustoms.com, award-winning global photographer.

Todd Moore, Washington DC based podcaster of Tech 411, Todd is our senior contributor, former podcaster, reality TV star of ABC’s Treasure Hunt and former podcaster and editor at teamBYTE.

Tom Ewing, Silicon Valley and Tulsa-based IP attorney for the United Nations WIPO organization, Tom is our legal correspondent and IP pro on staff.

Todd Townsend, New York based science correspondent, vidcaster, former chief science correspondent at aNewDomain.net

TWiT TV We syndicated Leo Laporte’s This Week in Technology. Leo has been a great help to aNewDomain.net. He and I hosted a weekly national talk radio tech show for 8 years and cowrote the book 101 Computer Answer You Need To Know (Ziff Davis Press, 1995)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons