CES 2012: Fujitsu Shows Waterproof Android Tablet, To Hit US Soon.

Waterproof Android Tablet from Fujitsu - CES 2012

Check out Fujitsu’s waterproof Android tablet — aNewDomain’s five member news team loved it at CES. Can’t wait to test it with some major dunking in the pool this summer …

CES 2012: Check this out. Fujitsu showed our team this waterproof Android tablet here at CES in Las Vegas. The waterproof Arrows tablet is already selling via DoCoMo in Japan, reps said. The US and Europe should expect to see it in stores soon.

Fujitsu will enter the US, reps said, later this year. Maybe even later this quarter. Great timing. During the summer, Apple mobile users drop iPads in pools, or leave them in the sand on the beach. No pricing is set, but Toshiba suggested a Western SRP would be just under $500. We’ll see.

Good thinking, Fujitsu. Can’t wait to go swimming with it.

Fujitsu Showed Off Their Waterproof Android Tablet at CES

Fujitsu Shows Waterproof Android Arrows tablet at CES

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  • I was wondering “why”????
    but I guess people really are foolish enuff to have a tablet on a beach.

    sorry, if it were a subsidized $200 tablet with insurance, then sure. :)