John C. Dvorak X3: Watch a Dyson Heater Blow Up a Balloon (video)

On today’s episode, John C. Dvorak and co-hosts Andrew Eisner and Joe Engo showcase their video of the week — a Dyson heater blows up a hot air balloon.

On today’s episode of John C. Dvorak X3, John, Andrew, and Joe take a look at the video of the week. In it, you watch a Dyson hot air heater blow up a balloon– heatingĀ it up and lifting it off the ground. If you don’t know what a Dyson blow heater is, you will now. Check it!



  • Would this not work with any other heater that can be “fitted” like the Dyson was? Then again, maybe there is some type of air compression goin’ on with that thing from Dyson. I’m not smart enough to know.

    -RAP, II