Christopher Poirier: Classic Video Game Easter Eggs (how to and tour)

It’s our gamer Christopher Poirier’s hunt for Easter eggs — here they are going back through classic games of the past. Atari, anyone? Or Duke Nukem 3D? Great retrospective. And lots of Easter eggs!

Though there are just so many Easter eggs scattered throughout the entire game, this little find was a throwback to Star Trek and The Starship Enterprise.

It’s that time of year again, kids. Candy!  (In the form of video game easter eggs!)

I don’t have candy, sadly, but I do have the next best thing that a gaming writer at a tech website has to offer you. Awesome video game Easter eggs. So check out these games — awesome goodness — and the amazing Easter eggs I found in these classic games going back through time. Join me on my hunt.

Adventure/ Atari 1979/ The First Easter Egg

Atari rocking the 1970s with Adventure was a pretty big deal.  Billed as the start to “adventure-based” video game play, this is the beginning folks. Adventure also provided the world with the first ever video game Easter egg:  The developer reminding the player of his awesomeness.

Super Mario Brothers Warp Zone/Nintendo 1985

If you have ever played a game in your life, you probably played Super Mario Brothers. More of a game test-feature, this secret lets you jump around the game a bit — though only forward. Right at the end of the World 1-2 set, players find an Easter egg: Use the “warp” feature to get ahead in progress.  Another “warp zone” is at the end of World 4-2. Cool!

 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/The Chris Houlihan Room. Nintendo 1985

Remember Legend of Zelda?  How could you forget? There’s a new one out in what feels like every couple of years. Probably you own the Legend of Zelda “Gold Cartridge” edition. This 1991 SNES edition features a secret — hidden room. Classic.

Duke Nukem 3D (3D Realms 1996) “Star Trek”

Even PC games got in on plenty of Easter egg action, but one of my all-time favorites is, of course, the one in Duke Nukem 3D.

Though there are just so many Easter eggs scattered throughout the entire game, this little find was a throwback to Star Trek and The Starship Enterprise. However, there were a few “Duke” style upgrades made. Check it out.

Game Cube (Nintendo 2001) “Boot-Up”

Okay, are you ready for this? It’s confusing right? Well, it’s not supposed to make those crazy sounds, but alas it does and all you have to do is hold down the z key while booting up. Short, simple and, I know, kinda annoying.

Of course, if you still happen to have a Game Cube laying around to try this weekend…we need to talk…because you need help.

OutRun 2006 Coast-2-Coast “Flag Man” Sega 2009

The OutRun series has been around for a long time and it’s actually not a horrible racing game.  At least over the years, anyway, it’s grown on me. It’s simple and it’s fun.  So keeping up the Easter egg theme is actually kind of funny.  If you start the video and get confused, here’s a hint: Flag Man. DANCE FAT MAN, DANCE!!

Want to see more awesome video game Easter eggs ?  Stick with us here at and we’ll get you hooked up all the way through Easter.  Next installment, we’ll jump forward into some more recent and clever Easter eggs for you to enjoy.

It’s not chocolate, but it’s definitely perfect fun for the gamer in your life.  I’m Chris Poirier and this is


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