US Judge Blocks Apple’s Try at Stopping Samsung Sales

Reuters reported minutes ago that a US federal court in San Jose, CA has denied Apple’s request for an injunction against Samsung. This would have effectively blocked the South Korean hardware giant from selling Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the United States. It is the latest news in a global saga of the Apple vs. Samsung patent struggle. Until now, Apple’s taken the lead.

Not a great week for new Apple CEO Tim Cook. This is the first quarter the company hasn’t met market expectations in a long time, Amazon Kindle Fires are selling like mad and now … this development. Pressure has got to be running high in Cupertino, CA.

Check out the Reuters piece here and watch for more perspective on the Apple/Samsung patent struggle in coming hours and days. I guess it won’t be long before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.1 smartphone hits stateside … gs


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  • can’t we just get along? Can’t innovation spur competition? If you are doing something everyone else is doing, then don’t complain and try to stop them in court. Innovate MORE. It’s stuff like this that makes tech stale.