Twitter: Spotify, Nokia, EMI to Partner, New Verification System, Twitter Choir

This story is breaking now — Twitter just announced a new way of verifying @handles and it is partnering with music developers to that end. But before you check out that story, watch the Twitter Choir above. Bizarrely, it sang at the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer keynote event here at CES.

LAS VEGAS: Twitter today announced a new Vefified Account system for verifying @handles and a public profile metadeta service API for developers and media companies, among other news. Here’s the content of the post made just minutes ago by Twitter’s Jason Costa.

Breaking news updated below video, here. We had to include it. It’s the Twitter Choir singing just after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote.

@jasoncosta Jason Costa
Posted on Tue, 2012-01-10 07:45
Today we introduce a new pilot program for distributing Verified Account @handles and public profile metadata to developers, media and content services, and consumer device manufacturers. The Echo Nest, Gracenote, and Rovi are the first partners in this program, which will scale the distribution of Twitter account data for integration in consumer-facing apps. Developers in the Twitter ecosystem can now work with these three partners to integrate Verified Account @handles and Tweets into their music and entertainment services.

The Echo Nest will connect Twitter Verified Accounts to its Rosetta Stone service to give developers a simple way to integrate Tweets from popular recording artists directly into their apps. The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform powers leading music services and platforms, including Spotify, Nokia, Rdio, MOG, EMI and iHeartRadio.

Gracenote will integrate Twitter Verified Accounts for musicians, actors and other artists into its database of music and video information, which includes metadata for millions of artists, albums and movies. Gracenote’s database powers some of the world’s leading music and video products, including Apple iTunes, HTC smart phones, Ford SYNC and Sony BRAVIA TVs.

Rovi offers digital home entertainment companies an easy way to add Tweets directly from Verified Accounts into their services. Rovi’s database also includes reviews, artist bios and music clips, and is used by manufacturers and services providers.

Partnerships like these give music and entertainment fans the opportunity to interact with Tweets from their favorite artists, directly through the media services they use every day. We expect to add more partnerships to the pilot program, which will extend the Twitter experience to a new set of devices and applications.