Twitter: Schedule Tweets Easier with Buffer

Do you find pre-scheduling and automating tweets a hassle? Our managing editor Jeremy Lesniak reviews Buffer, an app for desktop systems, Google Android and Apple iOS devices. It’s also his freeware pick of the day. Check it out.

I used to have a hard time with Twitter scheduling. Not anymore. Between varying time zones, types of content and just remembering to post, I needed the right tool but never could find just the right one. Then I found Buffer, my freeware pick today. It’s free as a trial, at least, and I definitely recommend you try it out. Mobile versions for Android and Apple iOS are also available for download.

After using it for months now, I’ve concluded Buffer is a great Twitter scheduler — the best I’ve found. It lets you queue up posts, arrange their order of appearance and allows later editing. Integrated URL links and the option to queue Facebook status updates are capabilities, too. The free version is great, as I said, with an elegant, intuitive design that I find pretty fun to use. This tool is a winner. Watch for upcoming reviews on the mobile version.

I won’t claim Buffer does everything. Its analytics sure could use beefing up. But check it out. Comment below to let us know what you think. Got a freeware pick for us? Email me at or

ED: We’ll post the best selections with your byline if you share your recommendations with us in the comment field below.