Instagram Out, Pinterest In: Twitter Pinterest Integration, White House Pinboard Due

Written by Gina Smith

Twitter Pinterest integration is at hand — in the wake of Twitter’s dumping of Instagram and its card service right before the holidays. White House Pins due, too … on December 17.

First Twitter dumped LinkedIn. Earlier this week, it dumped support for Instagram, too. Twitter declared war on Instagram and its Cards service just in time for the holidays. The Cards service is disabled, of course. Now we have a big clue as to why.

Turns out Pinterest snuck in Twitter’s back door with Twitter Pinterest integration — and on the heels of a perfectly timed announcement from the United States White House that it is debuting its Pinterest pinboard on December 17. That news came over a White House blog.

Take a look at what the Twitter Pinterest integration looks like. Notice that not only is it possible to tweet a Pinterest image, but you’re able to expand and collapse images within Twitter. This just came over my Twitter feed.

Today, a US spokesperson announced the White House will be putting up its own Pinterest board. That’s due December 17, 2012.

Our Loren Feldman predicted this in his comments on the Instagram Pinterest war last week, we should note.

Developing story. We are awaiting comment from Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram reps. Are you bummed about the loss of Instagram Cards support in Twitter and its replacement with Pinterest support? Psyched? Let us know.

Here’s an excerpt from White House blogger Kori Schulman, dated December 8, 2012. She announces the Pinterest plans and adds an invite to an online Pinterest and social media event unveiling it at bottom.

Today, the White House joins millions of pinners around the country with an official presence on Pinterest, a virtual pinboard sharing site. On Pinterest, the White House will share pins and boards that range from inspiring images and quotes to infographics that help explain key issues to details about the life inside the White House.

From the very beginning, President Obama and the First Lady have taken steps to make this the most open White House in history. “It’s the “People’s House,” said First Lady Michelle Obama, “It’s a place that is steeped in history, but it’s also a place where everyone should feel welcome. And that’s why my husband and I have made it our mission to open up the house to as many people as we can.”

That’s why the White House is open for virtual tours 24/7 through the Google Art Project and why you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other places around the web. And, it’s why we’re now thrilled to add Pinterest to the list.

The holidays are an especially exciting time for the White House to start pinning. During the 2012 holiday season alone, more than 90,000 visitors will have the chance to tour the White House holiday decorations, all hung with care by a team of crafty staff and volunteers. To kick off our presence on Pinterest, we’re inviting some of our newest followers to join us for a Holiday Social at the White House. Pinners will be invited to check out the décor, meet with the people that helped transform the White House for the holidays, join us for a craft project — and share it all with the Pinterest community.

Would you like to join the White House Holiday Social on Monday, December 17th, 2012? Follow us on Pinterest, and then apply: