Twitter Fly: Great New Redesign or Next New Coke?

Twitter Fly: Great User Experience or New Coke?

Twitter Fly — released today as a major and newly conceived Twitter redesign — is kind of risky when you stop to think about it. Its user base is larger than some small countries.

Its simplicity is — was — a great part of its appeal and quick growth.

The new version — including sections called Home, Discover, Connect and me — will roll out in coming days and weeks, said execs in a blog post this morning.

The new features do sound kind of convenient and useful — the improvements in Discover are long-awaited — certainly it’s time for a Twitter makeover. But a wholesale redesign sounds complicated.

Stay tuned for our staff’s review on Twitter Fly as it rolls out.

Unless the user experience and move up from the Twitter we know is seamless and intuitive — unless Fly really is better and not a pain to deal with —a New Coke debacle is inevitable. Let us know what you think of the upgrade when you get it.

Here is what the @twitter account tweeted to announce the product.

Below is Twitter’s release video today for its new Twitter Fly.