Trey Ratcliff: Photo of the Day, Palm Trees at Night

Photo Courtesy: Trey Ratcliff

Image Credit: Trey Ratcliff
I happen to know — because +Trey Ratcliff and I met to do business over billiards in my neighborhood this week — that renowned travel photographer Trey Ratcliff is in San Francisco now. And I happen to know he is hanging around with a certain Tom of social tech fame — and that Tom hates Palm Trees.

Wait. What?

Too bad, because along the Embarcadero, the main drag here, Palm Trees are ubiquitous. So I guess I’m not surprised that Trey’s Photo of the Day today is on Palm Trees. But these are Palm Trees he shot in Oahu. They’re still gorgeous. And as a native Floridian, I must say respectfully to Tom, it’s hard to imagine not loving these trees. But each to his own.

Here are Trey’s comments on how and why and on what equipment he took this shot. I’m psyched to feature Trey Ratcliff’s work here at, which includes the Trey’s Variety Hour vidcast.

Check out Trey’s whole gallery at his portolio page. Totally worth a beautiful browse.

Writes Trey:

Tom hates Palm Trees. While I was in Hawaii with Tom, he wondered why I occasionally liked to include Palm Trees in my photos. He thought they were obvious and touristy. I tried to explain to him that they are not. Most people in the world like a good palm tree … me included.

On the Daily Photo, which he titles Palm Trees at Night, Trey writes:

One night in Oahu we were doing some photography along a beach. Off in the distance we saw some palm trees that were lit from the bottom. This was about a quarter mile from anything else, so that was sort of strange. But I thought it was so interesting to see them lit from the bottom with small green pools of light underneath that I decided to walk over there and see what was going on. After I got over there, there were endless compositions of these various trees. I grabbed about five different angles and then took a midnight-nature break of my own …

He used a Nikon D3X camera for his Trey Ratcliff Photo of the day, which we feature here as often as we can post them here at