Trey Ratcliff: Photo of the Day (Nikon D3X)

Photo Credit: +Trey Ratcliff
Trey Ratcliff shot this in Los Angeles — and calls it Late for a Very Important Date. Watch out for him on TWiT with Leo Laporte on Sunday at

Late for a Very Important Date
Photo Credit: +Trey Ratcliff

Today’s photo really took two different cameras … that is, if I didn’t have two cameras ready to go, I never would have gotten it. Do any of you walk around with a two-camera setup, also? I spent most of one morning shooting in Union Station in Los Angeles and I highly recommend this to any photographer. Not only did they let me use my tripod, but there is all kinds of cool people-watching along the way.

My tripod was set up for an HDR of the interior, but I saw this couple walk in and start doing, well, whatever they are doing. I had my hip-shooter on, so I squatted down to take this shot … click here for more and to check out Trey’s gallery at his StuckinCustoms site.

Nikon D3X and Nikon D3S

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