Titanic Tragedy: What’s Important (infographic)

This hand-rendered pen infographic of the Titanic and the amount of stuff it carried — compared to the paltry number of lifeboats it carried — is poignant. Extremely nice work from artist Megan Raddatz. More of her work on the Titanic tragedy inside. The ocean liner sunk 100 years ago this month.

The R.M.S. Titanic, which sunk 100 years ago this month, carried a titanic amount of stuff. Compare the amount of stuff it had on board to the lifeboats, the dearth of which made the sinking such a tragedy, and you really get an idea for the sadness of the situation.

Canadian artist Megan Raddatz created the following infographic. She hand-rendered it in pen, she says, and touched it up with Adobe Photoshop. According to her site, “its purpose is to compare the ridiculous amount of stuff on board to the amount of lifeboats.” She writes:

I wanted to make the statistics look as interesting and powerful as possible, so I made them into the shape of the Titanic sinking. The imagery is very simple, but I believe it is effective. The viewer becomes interested in all the tidbits of information on the Titanic’s  body, and only later realizes the disparity between the stuff and the lifeboats.

Check this out.