Olympics 2012: The Twitter Games at the Socialympics (infographic)

Written by Joy Ma

The combo of Olympics 2012 and Twitter looks like a match made in heaven. Check out this infographic about the so-called Twitter Games — or the Socialympics. Why are we not surprised?

Following the Olympics through social media outlets is a real-time and deliciously vicarious experience.  On Twitter especially.

Have you tried following the Games through Twitter yet? Hordes of people are waiting for the next tweet from an Olympian (or probably his or her rep) at the Summer Olympics 2012 going on now in London. Or they’re watching Kobe Bryant’s friend count spike on Facebook …

Social media analysts at Exactarget shows equestrian sports as the most followed sport at the moment. Really? I wonder if that is a Twitterphile’s leaning. Horses? Used to be, the typical grade A sports are gymnastics and swimming — but that’s what the NBC told us. Now we know what the people think. Sweet.

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