The Sizzling Hot Apple iPad Skillet: Caption Contest (We Have a Winner!)

The New iPan

The New iPan - Caption from reader +Luuk Van Der Vellen in Amsterdam!

From + Robert Knight: Apple has filed a patent lawsuit against the frying pan. Apple claims that it was the first to patent retina inducing sizzle before the frying pan even met up with grease.

From’s Ant Pruitt: No more farting apps in our app store. THIS will be a magical app.

From at large +Steve Smith: This is your brain on iPad.

From’s Mat Lee: Is that an app or does that come stock?

From’s Gina Smith: It’s 12 p.m. Do you know what your Apple iPad is cooking right now?

From reader Luuk Van der Gellen in Amsterdam: Is that an iPan?

From senior contributor +Carey Head: Self-sterilization? There’s an app for that.

From reader +Greg Ford: Apple announces it’s new iHOP app. Would you like padcakes with that?

From Australian reader Steve Johnston: Apple has taken the cooking App to the next level.

From Amsterdam reader Luuk Van Der Vellen: Hey, is that the new iPan? CURRENTLY IN TOP PLACE


How would you caption this photo of a hot Apple iPad?

Sizzlin. Gs

First round entries above till April 2, 2012. Amazing writing geek community with us at

Can’t wait till Dino judges these — please guys, include your link and city … currently in top running is the entry from LUUK. gs