Social Media Privacy: Trust No One (infographic)

There is no such thing as social media privacy. Check out this infographic via Scary! Details here …

Trust no one. Well, almost no one. This compelling infographic comes to via our friends at, a great social media site. Look at these stats.

It is true that the state of social media privacy is sad. So sad.

Would you believe nearly 70 percent of Facebook members are clueless about its privacy settings? Thanks again to Michael Van Der Galien at MediaTapper and to the folks at MDG in Boca Raton, FL, who created this.


  • Whatever a person posts online – regardless of privacy claims made by the provider – should be considered public and can be made so at the whim of the provider or another user.

    • +Gina Smith I remember dialing and logging to bulletin board systems that often presented an administrator message at the login screen that read, Consider anything you post here to be public. I’ve never forgotten that. Hope you are having a good weekend. Robert. ^..^~