The Report: Dan Patterson & Gina Smith, April 24-25 Tech News Wrap

It’s The Report, a daily tech geek show with views and news with our Dan Patterson and Gina Smith. This is our pilot. Joining us: futurist and staffer Todd Townsend on Planetary Resources.

It’s the Report for tech news April 24-25, top stories.

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TOPICS: Tech billionaires found Space Resources Inc. Charles Simonyi, Google’s Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, director James Cameron join for the 3B project called Project Arkyd. It’s a 10-year project to mine asteroids and generate water and fuel from elements its robotics ships find.

Why doesn’t Google? Everything you ever wanted to know about CISPA, including how to make your website a protest site Friday, is right here.

Google Drive hits. At last. The worst-kept secret ever. We discuss its replacement of Google docs and how hard Google positioned this at business, rather than home, buyers. We also talk tech comparisons. And we love this comparison, credit: Engadget.

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