The Psychology of Color (infographic)

Thanks for the infographic, Explode the view inside the article.

LOUISVILLE, KT: Mobile World Congress 2012 coming up in Barcelona is always a massive wave of color — mobile accessories span the rainbow. Of course, makers know what colors appeal to certain nationalities and demographics. And probably even specifically to Mac, Windows and Linux users.

This piece is about color. The infographic is extraordinary. As we all get set for that European trek, check it out against this cool infographic about the psychology of color. Will the manufacturers succeed in manipulating our tech buying decisions by color studies like this? Or has this always been happening, for better or worse? Probably the latter..

This via PaintersOfLouisville. Beautiful.

Thanks for the infographic: Painters of Louisville


  • Interesting stuff. Me being a guy that where’s orange about 90% of the time, explains why people avoid me, I guess. My fav color, and color of my fav college team (Clemson).

    -RAP, II

  • I’m color blind. I score 3 cards out of 15 on the Ishihara Test for Colorblindness. As far as I’m concerned, I live in a colorful world, but I don’t see what others see. In fact there is no color language. Your green is another’s brown for all we know.

    I wonder if I’m immune to advertisers manipulations because I don’t see the red they expect me to.

  • Interesting, but as far as I’m concerned, not completely accurate. Of my three children, the only one who slept all night and rarely cried was the one with the sunny yellow room. Also, colors may mean different things to people from different cultures. In the far east, for example, wedding dresses are red, the color of joy, while people wear white for funerals as it symbolizes mourning. Imagine what Americans would think if they saw a red wedding dress!
    Personal experience and taste also have an effect on how color is perceived. As a girl, I always hated pink. I find it annoying and weak, while a good turquoise or blue is my favorite. My sister and I even made our parents repaint our newly painted bedroom when we were 3 and 6 because neither of us could sleep in a pink room. The chosen color? Aquamarine!