The History of Microsoft Windows Infographic

Written by Gina Smith

Way back in 1989, Bill Gates’ mom told me that the Windows 3.0 release date was the happiest in Gates’ life so far. Find more trivia in this history of windows infographic. As infographics go, this one rocks.

I was standing next to Bill Gates’ mom when the former Microsoft CEO unveiled Windows 3.0 at Windows on the World restaurant on top of one of the ill-fated World Trade Center towers in 1989. “This is the most important day of Bill’s life,” she told me. The new Windows 8, released October 26, 2012, represents the single biggest change to the user interface since that version.

Interested in more trivia? Here’s the history of ¬†Microsoft Windows infographic. To enlarge, double-click. Yes, click twice. Fitting.