The Apple Car Revealed: USPTO Patent Application Here

apple car patent application
Written by T.E. Wing

On the heels of a sneak peak at the Apple Car prototype in a secure facility in CA, check out the Apple Car patent application filed with the USPTO here. Reporting by T.E. Wing.

aNewDomain, Washington, D.C., 01.04.2015 — Our runner at the publication branch of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has obtained from the branch’s night division the newly published Apple Car patent application. This comes on the heels of a sneak peak at the Apple Car that reporter D.M. Towns published just hours ago. The Apple Car is called the Apple iCar in the application, as you can see in this article. Patent Application #2015/0097403 is readable in full below.

The abstract for the published Apple Car patent application states:

“A reinvented passenger vehicle comprises a highly compressed gas fuel cell, a plein-air sound system for environmental enhancement, a driving ring for full function automotive control, a passenger travel cassette configured for interfacing with executive jet service baggage handling, a light hypnosis metering device, a game tilt steering mechanism, and an interface to a cloud storage mechanism for vehicle instructions.”

The patent application reveals that the Apple design team spent several years driving across the U.S. and across the Western Hemisphere in all directions.

More later as our analysts plow through the patent. Updating.

US20150097403A1 (Apple)(Reinvented Passenger Vehicle)

For aNewDomain, I’m T.E. Wing.

Reporter D.M. Towns and runner Tom Ewing contributed to this story.