TED Talks: Flying Robots with Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar of the University of Pennsylvania shows how agile, autonomous robots might respond in such dangerous situations as the Sendai earthquake. Problem-solving, intelligent robots work collaboratively — and these ones fly. Don’t miss the music video.

Vijay Kumar demonstrates flying robots at TED Talks. These little machines are potential first responders in such dangerous situations as the Sendai earthquake and chemical spills. The speed and intelligence of these robots are so Star Wars …

Courtesy of TED Talks.


  • It strikes me over and over again that as the world over-populates out of control we replace things people do with robots and artificial intelligence. What is the philosophy behind this mania? Or aren’t we thinking about the bigger picture. Where do the two happenings converge?

    • Good questions, Aardy. Sure there could be people performing the tasks of these robots hence helping whatever economy they’re in by providing a job for the people. What I personally think should be looked at is how this tech can be used to assist in helping our world. Not just as a cool toy for the wealthy. Could this type of tech be used in search and rescue? Possibly. Could it grow or evolve into bigger and better tech? Heck yes.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Aardy!