TechNow with Gina Smith: Apple Whups Samsung, What’s Next? (video)

Written by Gina Smith

A year to the day that the late Steve Jobs retired from his CEO duties at Apple and new CEO Tim Cook took over, a jury awarded Apple $1B plus in the Samsung v Apple IP trial. What does it mean? TechNow with Gina Smith..

It’s August 24, 2012. On tonight’s late night show TechNow with Gina Smith, top of the news is this afternoon’s Apple $1.05B win against Samsung in a U.S.  jury trial. Read the full verdict here and check out the two-minute show below to see what’s likely in store for Samsung device owners and the Google Android ecosystem at large. Apple asked for the judge to set a date for an injunction hearing — such a hearing could stop sales of infringing Samsung products in the U.S. But Samsung is sure to appeal. Think this battle is over? Really? Email me at to lmk.

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  • I’m personally wishing for patent wars to end SOON. There’s nothing more nerve racking at this time. Oh yeah and election season is annoying too.

    -RAP, II