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Facebook clickjack attack freaks members, the Trappit customized search engine ships and the W3C privacy group’s got a first draft of its so-called Do Not Track (DNT) measure for browser makers. It’s our two-minute noon tech news wrap up. Find it every day right here — TechNow with Gina Smith. Brought to you by and Duration [00:02:02]

Top of the tech news today is the Facebook clickjack attack. Is the hacker group Anonymous responsible? No one yet knows. The clickjack attack has violent and pornographic images posting on members’ feeds the network wide. At this writing, Facebook is still under attack. We’ll be following this story.

Also today search wannabe Trappit came out. It claims to offer smarter, more customized search than, say, Google. Is Trappit really taking on Google? Them’s fightin’ words.  But the technology is intriguing.  Here it goes: To understand Trappit, think of a smart, mega RSS feed that learns from your searches and customizes them back for you over time. Expect our review later this week.


Also in the news today, the w3c standards group says it’s delivered its first draft of a proposed Do Not Track (DNT) measure. This is aimed at web browser makers, who will face such new guidelines by the middle of next year. It’s good news for customers, imho.
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