TechNow Gina Smith: BlackBerry 10 News, Too Late?

Written by Gina Smith

TechNow with Gina Smith: Our nightly tech news show — one topic, short-form, today we dig in to RIM’s BlackBerry 10 details revealed early this a.m.

RIM has announced it will release 10, count them, 10 new BlackBerry 10 models late this year or early next. Some interesting specs for sure. But are you skeptical? Here’s my take. It’s TechNow with Gina Smith, a production of


  • RIM will always have a stake in Enterprise but I don’t see them really breaking into the consumer market. You bought up a perfect example with your own previous experience using a BB.

  • Sound getting better, and no need for those geeky phone operator headphones :)

    I’d suggest a better camera, or maybe better lighting, maybe that’s what’s causing the ghosting effect.

    Also, I think you tend to present you casts as if you were talking for radio, it shows when you start loosening up a bit in the middle of the casts, but in the beginnings and ends you seem too uptight… Don’t know if you’re doing the cast alone, if so maybe having someone behind the camera might help. Or talk to the camera as if it was a person. Remember, we’re liking the vidcast, so keep up the excellent work!