True Tech Support Horror Stories: Part Four (Open to READERS)

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This is the fourth installment of our continuing True Tech Support Horror Stories. This one comes from our own Ant Pruitt. You can find episodes one, two and three on the site. Collect them all.

True Tech Support Horror Stories

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User: Anthony, I got a voicemail file emailed to me. But when I click to play it, I can’t hear anything.
Ant: So there’s no audio?  What happens if you go to YouTube? Do you hear audio then?
User:  Let me try that …  Yeah, that works. I can see the video and hear the audio.
Ant: Okay, save that voicemail file from your email to your desktop for me.  Then minimize everything.
User: Okay. Done.
Ant: Good. Now click the saved file and see if it plays.
User: Well, it looks like it’s playing. I can see the little bar going across the screen, but I still don’t hear anything.
AntIs the volume turned up on your Windows Media Player?
User: How do I do that?
Ant: (Pause). Look for a slider along the other controls.  It will say that it’s the volume control.  When you see it, just slide it.
User:  Okay. I think this is the volume.
<audio begins to play>
User: Never mind, Ant, I think I figured it out. Thanks!
If you haven’t already, go check out episodes onetwo and three of this series. Do you have a tech support horror story? Please send it in and we’ll feature it here at A New Domain!