Tech News with Gina Smith: AT&T WP7.5 Mango Phones Tomorrow, Still More Touchpads!

It's Sunday, November 6, 2011, Sunday at noon in San Francisco.

Hewlett-Packard keeps saying it is out of TouchPads, but then finds few more to get rid of. HP developers are eligible to buy up to two discontinued WebOS-based HP TouchPads, at $149.99 a pop. Only the 32GB is available. To get one — first, good luck. Second, head to HP and get your developer certificate and register to buy your HP Touchpad(s) by Nov. 18. If you get one, it'll be by the end of November. This is the craziest story I've ever covered.

Also Microsoft and AT&T tomorrow in New York will likely announce three WP7.5 Mango based smartphones. Will they answer critics and deliver some real power? We'll see.

Below, Ep 01. Better lighting, sound, camera to come.  We call it And Tech News with Gina Smith, November 6, 2011, noon Pacific. All aboard!


It's starting rough. Need better lighting, better camera. It'll all be here by the time the real site launches on 11.11.11 at This is ep. 01. If were Google or Microsoft, I'd call it late alpha or early beta, ha.

In the meantime, I figured why not do a daily or twice daily YouTube show? Keep folks up in the news and get used to daily live short-format TV. I started at The Discovery Channel and Good Morning America explaining computers to Americans from 1995 to 1999