Tech News for April 23, 2012: CISPA, Adobe CS6, Intel Ivy Bridge

Here’s what is headlining the tech news for us here at CISPA, Adobe’s unveiling today of its CS6 and Creative Cloud, Nokia’s 808 PureView 41mp cam equipped Symbian smartphone and its terrible quarterly financial results — and Intel’s Ivy Bridge unveiling.

Check out the news as we round it up and roll it out — geekwise — right here.

From CISPA and truly terrible Nokia quarterly financial results to Adobe’s official unveiling today of CS6 and its $50 a month Creative Cloud service — Intel’s Ivy Bridge tri-gate transistor tech processor family of 13 quad-core processors — and billionaire-backed space exploration — here’s what we’re following today in tech news.

It’s April 23, 2012.

On top of mind in the U.S. is CISPA — that’s the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act — this terrific infographic sums up what opponents say is the scariest bill since SOPA and why. We’ll be watching closely as CISPA hits the U.S. House of Representatives this week. Facebook, we should note, is a serious SOPA supporter. It’s not alone.

AT&T and a number of other huge firms with big privacy concerns and a huge lobbying presence in Washington are supporting CISPA.  Here are official statements of support from big tech company sponsors. That explains why. Should you be concerned? Our John C. Dvorak says — definitely.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) now has embed code for protesters to embed on their sites. #StopCISPA is trending on Twitter and Google+ — read the brief and broad proposed litigation here.

Intel finally launched its Ivy Bridge family of tri-gate transistor tech processors. Lots to dig into here — it is 3D transistor tech, says Intel. Sounds like a buzzword. We’ll dig into this hard.

Nokia’squarterly results are out as of this morning — and the Finnish smartphone company is hurting, says Jean Louis-Gassee over at The Monday Note. Check out the numbers. This looks awful.

Whether its billion dollar partnership with Microsoft and the upcoming Nokia 808 PureView smartphone will turn things around is anyone’s guess. The timing is great for speculation around this 41 mp camera equipped smartphone. Our Julie Blaustein explains how its 41 megapixel camera works — and how pixel binning technology gets the Symbian phone’s images up to 38 mp.

At 10 a.m. Adobe is livestreaming its event today for CS6 and the Creative Cloud service. The latter is, says Adobe,  a service where members get “access to all (14) CS6 desktop apps for download and installation on your local computer, as well as additional apps and online services.” The tech specs for all the updated Creative Suite 6 apps are below.

Adobe Photoshop® CS6 Extended

Adobe Illustrator® CS6

Adobe InDesign® CS6

Adobe Acrobat® X Pro

Adobe Flash® Professional CS6

Flash Builder® 4.6 Premium Edition

Adobe Dreamweaver® CS6

Adobe Fireworks® CS6

Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6

Adobe After Effects® CS6

Adobe Audition® CS6

Adobe SpeedGrade™ CS6

Adobe Prelude™ CS6

Adobe Muse™

Adobe Edge preview

Watch for our hands on review on CS6 and Creative Cloud — it should be out in 30 days.

How are you going to deal with the forced Gmail UI changes now upon us? That upgrade is no longer optional as of this week. Also today we have insider tips for optimizing Google + with its UI changes from our +Christopher Poirier. He’s taking names — tips, tricks, comments– and adding them to our reader comment piece in this Google + redesign wrap up.

+Trey Ratcliff left his heart in San Francisco — our featured and world-renowned travel photographer is headed back home — but not before he had a chance to dive into the Panasonic Lumix GX-1. Here’s his review, shot here in San Francisco.

Tomorrow — April 24 — director James Cameron, Google billionaire founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and XPrize founder Peter Diamandis are unveiling their space plans. Our +Todd Townsend is all over that.

Today is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum’s 30th birthday — a pivotal device that introduced a generation to videogames. Do you remember it?

More as the day unfolds.

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