TaxiMagic for Apple iOS and Android: AND App of the Day

By Todd Moore

Here’s my app of the day pick. I use it constantly. It’s TaxiMagic. And if you’re ever stood around hailing a cab in the rain or duking it out with some aggressive typeA before the last cab retires, you know.

For iOS, Android and BlackBerry, TaxiMagic lets you order your cab (via GPS) and — at least here in the Washington DC area where I live — it arrives in minutes. It’s possible even to track where the cab is if you’re feeling impatient. Though you can use TaxiMagic to book a cab, you must be in one of the following cities to use the cab service and ride. Might come handy on Halloween! Hmm. In fact, I recommend that, too.


This app is free and downloadable at the the TaxiMagic site. If you live in the Bay Area — anyone who has ever visited knows how difficult it is to call or flag a cab there — definitely check this out.

Todd Moore is the author of an upcoming book about programming in Apple iOS, the developer of the pop mobile app White Noise and a founding member with Gina Smith and Brian Burgess at BYTE. Follow his regular podcast — it’s great — and follow Todd