SXSW 2012: Ten Things To Do in Austin While You’re There (mediatapper)

Going to SXSW 2012 this week? Wondering what’s going on at this offbeat tech-music-film show? Here’s an equally offbeat guide. This excellent infographic — via our social media site partner site, and courtesy Edelman Digital.

SXSW 2012 kicks off this week in Austin — a unique event blending music, film and tech. Check out this infographic if you’re looking for offbeat ideas on what to do when you get there. No shortage of those! Watch for coverage all week, led by our Chris Miller on the social beat.

This infographic arrives via our social site partner, MediaTapper. Credit: Edelman Digital.


  • You had me at EAT MEAT. I soooo want to go to Salt Lick. We have an office there in Austin, but yet I can never get anyone to ship me some Salt Lick BBQ. Dadgum sales team. ;)

    Ive always heard SXSW is insane from the tech standpoint and social standpoint. Serious sensory overload is bound to happen.

    -RAP, II

  • I think we are going to see an unexpected change: after being overloaded with “the next big thing,” in apps, I see some of this backfiring with a pleasant change: less staying glued to the phone and more connecting in person. The “phone” is a great utility, but I am finding that more and more, I am shutting it off, being more self selective at events like these, and looking for people and not their avatars to connect to. A place like SXSW lends itself well to this ironic social experiment in that I think we also self select where we want to go, the events we want learn from and connect at a human level.

  • Or go have a coffee at Mozart’s You can bring your best friend with you because it’s dog friendly and by chance a person might see me there, rocking the command-line on my MacBook. Hope you’re having a wonderful time an the weather over there is as lovely as it is year in the Spanish Town Historical District. ^..^~