SXSW 2012: Google Android LEGO Bot Rumble (video)

It’s the Google Android LEGO MINDSTORMS Rumble. Live from the Google Developer House at SXSW 2012, geeks and nerds unite for this race.

Android developers spent some fiercely geeky time today at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW 2012) festival raging now in Austin. Blending tech, music and film, the SXSW show is always offbeat. But this is epic. It’s the annual Google Developers LEGO MINDSTORMS Rumble. On your mark …

Competing teams from all over the world unite to build Android-powered LEGO racing robots yet again. They had the day to build them and now they’re ready to race. It’s a showdown.

Streamed live from the Google SXSW Developer House, this is SXSW 2012 at its utter extreme and absolute geekiest — and with no apologies.  I put my money on Punching Muffins and the Unlimited Sandwiches from Jersey and Ralph by Southwest from London.

If you ever wondered if you were a geek or a nerd, wonder no longer. Sitting through this video proves you are plenty of both. Need more proof? Find out if you’re a geek or a nerd — or a blend of both — right here.

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  • As a child who grew up playing with Lego blocks and as a young adult, a g33k who played with code, this is g33k heaven. BTW, I replied to your email from my iPod Touch.