Super Bowl XLVI: How To Watch It Live Online

For the first time this Sunday the NFL is streaming the Super Bowl live online. Here’s how to access and optimize your viewing experience.

For the first time ever, this years Super Bowl will be streamed live online.

To watch it online, launch your favorite browser and go to the NFL Super Bowl XLVI website.

From the navigation bar at the top, click Live.

watch 1

That brings you to the Live player. If you can’t get enough Super Bowl information to sate you, right now there’s plenty of material to keep you busy. Click options at right.


You can also watch this year’s Super Bowl on the MSNBC website. Currently the MSNBC site is running pre recorded segments and analysis just like the NFL site. To launch the MSNBC player click here.


NBC has been airing its Sunday Night Football games online for the past four seasons.  This is the first time its simulcasting the Super Bowl live on the Internet, though. The cool thing about watching online is you’ll get more camera angles with different views during the game. For hard core football fans, it’s a perfect way to watch.

I’ve used the NBC site to watch Sunday night games while in the office at night – make sure to turn down the volume so no one will hear …

If you’re an owner of a Verizon smartphone, you’ll also be able to catch the game on your mobile device with the NFL Mobile app.


  • I’m glad they’re offering online streaming, but I’m wondering why would someone watch da LAST FOOTBALL GAME of da year via streaming. I guess those that have to work or something would do so, but if you’re at HOME i would hope streaming it would be your last resort.

    Looks like now everyone can enjoy the game I love for da last time until about 7 LONG MONTHS from now. ;)

    -RAP, II

  • This is yet another step on the twisting path to IP TV. The New York Times reported that NBC will stream 300-350 events by 2013. (ESPN3 currently streams more than 4,000 events live, or about 10,000 hours).

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