Summer Olympics 2012 Videos, Parodies, Skits: Day One

Written by Gina Smith

Here’s a round up of some of our favorite videos from the Summer Olympics 2012 games in London, day one.

Photo: Official Olympics 2012 Coverage

Don’t have the time or energy to catch all of this year’s Summer Olympics 2012 games in London? Here are some Summer Olympics 2012 videos I grabbed that will give you a flavor for day one.

But first, bookmark the live feed here — or just watch it below.

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II officially welcomed James Bond (played by actor Daniel Craig) to the opening day ceremony. She presumably didn’t hand him a license to kill cameramen or producers.

Did you miss the opening day ceremony?

The Illuminati secret society approach to the London Summer Olympics 2012 games.

Here’s the official theme song and video of the Summer Olympic 2012 games. Everything needs a song.

This is wild.

It’s the Flame Lighting Ceremony. This is a long video. Worth it for some of us, though.

And there always has to be a parody video of any major event — here’s one I thought was great.

Soccer star David Beckham boats in like a megastar. You go, David.

Black light and shadow theater. Summer Olympics 2012: Love will find a way

Here’s a practice run, shot last year, showing the gold potential of world record runner Usain Bolt. This is the money!

Staffers Tom Ewing and Gina Smith also contributed to this story.