Steve Jobs: His Effect on Music

Brian Burgess had this short opinion piece posted on The Music Network magazine - an Australian magazine that covers the music industry.

Brian Burgess
Executive Editor,

Steve Jobs was a visionary who transformed the music business as we knew it. His vision of music distribution was as elegant as the devices he produced. With digital delivery and the success of iTunes, musicians are able to distribute their music on their terms. He inspired a generation of musicians to be their own company. Now bands and solo artists can deliver music to a global audience. They become producers, marketers and distributors of their craft, and are able to keep the profit for reinvestment into their art.

The music industry is just now starting to adopt the vision Steve had for music distribution in 2001 – when he first announced the iPod and iTunes. Ten years later, record companies realise the benefit of this model. With his passing, does it mean the success of digital music distribution goes away? Hardly.

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