Star Wars vs. Star Trek infographic: Technological Superiority Goes To …

Written by Joy Ma

It’s the Star Wars vs. Star Trek infographic. Which crews are technologically superior? Check this out and you decide. Send us your comments for a guest column … — Everyone takes a side. Don’t they? You’re either a Star Wars nerd or a Star Trek geek, or so most think. Or is that the other way around? It’s the Star Wars vs. Star Trek infographic. Of the two, which gang of sci-fi space travelers shows the most technological superiority?

The crews in Star Wars are aware of a lot more fictional star systems … see below … but what about their respective weapon systems and ship types? Let us know what you think. If you’re a member of the Jedi Church — yes, there really is one — definitely weigh in and explain that to the community, would you? In the mean time, we salute the Star Wars vs Star Trek infographic, below.


  • A few things:

    The “Empire” only lasted about 23- years. (It began as Luke and Leia were born and obviously ended with the events of “RotJ”). The Federation lasted for hundreds of years. Not much of an empire if you ask me.

    Boba Fett was *not* part of the Empire. He was a bounty hunter who was paid by the Empire to find Han Solo. That’s it. He does not belong in this list because of that.

    Finally. a Federation starship can always do a slightshot around the sun and go back to a time where they can wipe out an ancestor of Palpatine. So much for that Empire being formed.

    The technological terror the Empire created is insignificant next to the power of the Federation.? That said, I love both series equally.

    • The crew that got lost — only to return and reunite 30 years later as aged versions of themselves — i think they probably had the worst tools. Just guessing.

  • I think the key fact that has been missed here is that Star Wars is set in the past while Star Trek is set in the future! Pretty equally matched all things considered.