Star Wars Day 2012: Guarding the (Other) Empire, Russ Johnson

Russ Johnson caught these Star Troopers guarding The (British) Empire at the Star Wars Exhibit in London.
Guarding the Empire - Star Wars Exhibit London

I shot this at the Star Wars Exhibition in London in late 2007.

Guarding the Empire - Star Wars Exhibit London
Photo Credit: Russ Johnson,

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  • Tell me the story behind this — and also what camera you used, Russ! Good to have a travel expert on board

    May the Fourth Be With You!
    lol lol

    • Thanks Gina – It is from across the Thames next to The Eye. I vaguely remember crawling up on something and twisting my body precariously to get the angle. The camera was a Panasonic point-and-shoot.

      It was part of Star Wars’ 30th anniversary celebration and included a life-size Naboo N-1 Starfighter and exhibition zones representing Tatooine, Naboo, Endor, Hoth, Coruscant, Kamino, Geonosis, Kashyyyk, Utapau, and Mustafar, places not exactly on my bucket list.