Star Wars Day 2012: Videos and Roundup

Happy Star Wars Day! Here are cool videos, photos and more fun Star Wars stuff to celebrate Star Wars Day.

We started the day here at talking about Star Wars. A lot of good memories surfaced (thanks Ant Pruitt). Even more searches were made immediately on the Internet and archives for favorites. Here’s what our staff came up with.

Fred Lewis says of this video, “This is an old one from 1997, but I still laugh when see it. According to Wikipedia’s entry, this film ‘jump-started the modern fan film movement’.”

Gina Smith found this hilarious video. A must listen.

We had political commentary from Mat Lee, “Seems like politically our leaders are a bunch of Siths who embraced the Dark Side. Now we wait for the Force to get off its lazy butt and be with us.”

Fred Lewis worked on this CG commercial featuring Yoda and Darth Maul. Serious Jedi business.

Russ Johnson snapped a shot of Star Ship troopers in London, while Julie Blaustein took a great photo of the cranes rumored to be the origins of AT-AT Walkers.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered if Star Wars has shaped who you are, check out our Geek vs. Nerd infographic.

Wishing you a Force-filled Star Wars Day, this is

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