Speccy: How to Find Out What’s Inside Your Windows PC

Gina Smith’s freeware pick of the day? It’s Speccy for Windows. You’ll never again wonder exactly what’s inside your PC — right down to the temperatures your components are running at. Check it out.

There’s nothing, in my opinion, like the freeware Windows utility Speccy to give you the complete skinny on what’s inside your system.

You probably know what CPU your Windows PC has inside it, how fast it is and even some other rudimentary things you learned when you bought it. If you don’t, it’s probably all on a sticker on the system plate somewhere.

But Speccy goes deeper. Would you believe it even includes the temperatures at which various components are running? That’s key. Overheating will kill a computer faster than the Florida sun burns a fair Irishman in my hometown. Much faster, actually.

Speccy is my freeware pick today.

So the next time you’re on the phone with tech support or checking to see whether your system has what it takes toThe run a new application or OS, don’t stress. Speccy, from Piriform, the company behind a number of my other favorite freeware apps, is sure to be around awhile.

Happy holidays from me, Jerry Pournelle, John C. Dvorak, Eric Mack, Dino Londis, Todd Moore and the whole staff of 35 plus tech editors here at aNewDomain.net. Enjoy! The best things in life are, as the Beatles said, FREE.