Snapped RFID Chip Strands Family: John C. Dvorak X3

It’s our John C. Dvorak and his crew at X3. John, Andrew Eisner and Joe Engo talk about an RFID issue that stranded a family at the airport. What is up with that?

Our John C. Dvorak and co-hosts Andrew Eisner and Joseph Engo take a deep look at RFID technology — in the context of a recent story about a family who found itself stranded at an airport. Why? A crease in the passport snapped the RFID chip.

Technically, this is an interesting development and the guys talk all about it in this daily fast-paced, short form vidcast you’ll find five days a week here at It’s John C. Dvorak X3. One topic, three pundits — and in five minutes or fewer. This is a great one. Grab a cub of something and enjoy.

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  • “””A crease in the password snapped the RFID chip.”””

    Shouldn’t this read: ‘A crease in the passport snapped the RFID chip.’