Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Charlotte, North Carolina

Where are you now? It’s our weekly smartphone photo contest. Send yours in and be a published photographer. You’re good enough. This week’s winner — Carey Head with his Nexus 4G pic of a fairy tree in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This week’s smartphone photo contest submission comes from my neck of the woods here in the Charlotte, NC. Our very own Carey Head took a walk into woods with his children. What they found is what they call a “fairy tree.” He shot it from above with the Samsung Galaxy S 4G …

Image credit: Carey Head for aNewDomain

Carey grabbed this photo with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G and the HDR Camera app for Android. This tree, according to Carey,  is so great in size it looks like an overpass in the woods. Carey shot this photo from 10 feet above.

Want to be a published photographer? Just email me at Attach your photo, subject details, location and, of course, the make and model of smartphone you used to snap your pic. Include camera apps, too, if you used them.

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