Compact Living: Size Does Matter [infographic]

compact living
Written by David Michaelis

Compact living is the new American Dream. A smaller, more efficient house is necessary for the coming world. Infographic.

aNewDomaindavid michaelis why tech companies scare me — The American Dream may no longer include a mansion. Our world is changing — we live in times where extreme weather hits hard, and the impact of human waste is taking a serious toll. Many architects and designers are part of a growing movement to make alternative living — in a smaller and more communal environment — a viable option. Compact living is here.

A successful balance between sustainable design and high-performance house features is more possible today than ever before. Sustainable houses — with solar power, reduced square footage that is highly functional and optimal design — is the next wave of American (and abroad) living. Think about things like water efficiency, indoor air quality and energy demand. All of this can be met with today’s technology, and all of it requires a smaller physical space.

Do you really need thousands of square feet? What for, exactly? Tiny homes aren’t the only growing movement. Take a look at the infographic below to see the impact a smaller house, and all that comes with it, can have.

compact living infographic

Size Does Matter Compact Living Infographic: Courtesy Nowsourcing

For aNewDomain, I’m David Michaelis.