David Street: Titanic Sinks in Reverse, Sunday Video

A strange, evocative and somewhat astonishing video. It’s my Sunday video pick. No wonder it’s going viral. The sinking of the RMS Titanic in reverse — and it is so well done.

Watch it. Words really can’t do it justice.

Best moment for me is when you see that gorgeous bow of the so proud RMS Titanic emerging from the depths. Too cool. The notes that explain how the talented video artist created this video are excerpted from Youtube below.

… always wondered what it looked like if you rewound the Titanic sinking footage … that’s what I decided to do. I couldn’t get the audio to sound  (okay) backwards, so I added Hymn to the Sea by James Horner. Also, sorry for the few cutting issues. I tried to fix them in editing but they kept on showing up. Must have something to do with the reversed footage. Anyway, enjoy and leave comments!

Another great idea. Please do?

Special thanks to: Birous06