SF AppShow 2012: Stay.Com City Guide and Map App (iOS, Android)

Written by Joy Ma

Stay.com”s city guides include vector-based mapping tech that lets you check out curated travel content and maps online and off. Founder Joachim Paasche showed off the Apple iOS and Android app to our editorial director Gina Smith at the SF AppShow 2012 on November 8. And he says he’s recruiting travel writers …

Check out this Apple iOS and Android app from Stay.com. It’s great for business travelers and and tourists alike because it lets you access its vector-based maps online and off. Based in Oslo, Norway, founder Joachim Paasche showed up at the SF AppShow in San Francisco to demo the technology.

It’s his first new venture since he founded and sold the first hotel-booking service in Scandinavia back in 2008

What really differentiates Stay.com, says Paasche, is “”our network of travel writers around the world creating unique and curated content, the small size of the vector-based maps app users can view offline and the resulting benefits (Stay.Com) gets you when traveling internationally.”

This is original content with more than 25,000 unique venue articles written by a network of 40 travel writers. “We are working on recruiting interesting personalities for our key destinations … to create curated guides that include their favorite hidden gems,” Passche said.


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