SF AppShow 2012: Madefire Motion Book App and Pub Platform (Apple iOS, iPad)

Written by David Street

At the SF AppShow 2012, Madefire showed its Madefire App and announced its publishing platform, a sort of WordPress for moving media authors. It starts with comics but it doesn’t end there.

Madefire¬†is a moving media platform and comic app, an example of what it calls motion books. It’s like seeing a whole new media type. Available for Apple iOS 5 and up — and natively for the Apple iPad — it’s available now in the App Store.

Madefire  founder Ben Wolstenholme told Gina Smith at the SF AppShow 2012 that the firm is also unleashing its motion books platform to allow authors to create all variety of moving media books. Imagine catalogs, brochures, coffee table moving media books, training manuals.

Think of this as a kind of WordPress for moving media and you get the idea. In fact, True Ventures is funding the company and its partner Toni Schneider, who runs Automattic’s WordPress, is on the board.

Disclosure: Gina Smith, host of the SF AppShow, is editorial director at aNewDomain.net, which is media sponsor of this event. She was not involved in the pre-selection of the top 10 apps shown at the event and does not profit financially from the show or the apps it showcases.

Check out this video to learn more.